The Youth leaders



Bianca is an underclassman at her local high school, originally from Australia. She frequently works within and outside of school -through YouCAN, for example- to promote and implement sustainable practices in all of her communities. She loves interacting with people and discussing topics she is passionate about, exploring new ideas and growing as a person and activist, as she knows that that is what is important when working to supposedly “fix” the planet.


I’m Garak. I did a lot of work with the last push for a CRO, I want to major in philosophy and work in politics. There isn’t really much to say about me… except I’ll be a lot more active with YouCAN now that college apps and an internship I was doing are done.


Jessica Hovermale is a high school student who enjoys dancing, volunteering, spending time with her dogs, and being outdoors. She is president of her school’s environmental club and loves working towards climate action with YouCAN!




Shoshana is a 16-year-old student of Baker Web College. Like everyone probably reading this, she is very much enjoying using plastic shampoo bottles, driving to run errands, eating imported foods, and flying to visit colleges, but this irresponsibility that she shares with almost all of America has guilted her into joining this group. Her plans for the future involve publishing a story and dying in a world that she hasn’t helped to ruin.

The adult support

Debra Higbee-Sudyka

The Chair of the Corvallis Environmental Action Team of the Sierra Club, Debra has experience in local and state policy making. As the main proponent of the Plastic Bag Ban, she has made fundamental change in our community.


Froggi VanRiper

Froggi holds a masters degree in Sustainable Development from Linköping University in Sweden. She has participated in climate adaptation research and planning in the Baltic Sea region, and has developed climate action strategies and participated in institutional planning for Colleges in the United States.  She is currently pursuing a PhD in Environmental Science at Oregon State University.

Ariana Chandler

James Fox