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Your voice is needed now! It is our responsibility to show our political representatives, and the world, that we care about climate change and that they should too. The Climate Action Now campaign involves an intergenerational effort in policy making and climate activism–leveraging everyone’s talents, enthusiasm, and love for the world to shape policy decisions on a local, county, and state level. The YouCAN campaign involves youth, whose voice is underrepresented and under requested in politics. Yet, voices of youth continue to be the most powerful and represent the most ambitious generation yet.

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Corvallis GHG Reduction Ordinance

A GHG reduction ordinance is the next step to ensure and support the Corvallis Climate Action Plan.

Add your name: Let’s Set Enforceable GHG Reduction Goals in Corvallis!

The Corvallis CAP is a big step, but the target must be based on up-to-date science and established into law, or the CAP will lack strength.

Learn more about the climate recovery ordinance

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